DraftKings NBA Picks – Thursday, December 15, 2016

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After a bit of a hiatus, we are back to writing blogs – and writing picks through blog form –  for each day in DraftKings NBA Daily Fantasy. The NBA has a calm Thursday night ahead for December 15, 2016 – only 5 games on the slate – but some great opportunities for points across the board. Ok, enough pleasantries, let’s make some picks.

Golden State Warriors vs New York Knicks – Best Stacked Game

The Warriors (2) & the Knicks (12) are in the top half of the league in terms of offensive pace and have tons of excellent scoring across the board to have solid picks in this game. Golden State, after having a tough game against Memphis a few days ago that had people wondering what if the Warriors aren’t the same team as they have been in the last two years. Ever since, the Warriors have gone back to their normal scoring form & the Big 4 have been playing like the true all-stars they are. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson & Kevin Durant have all started to gel much better and are making basketball into a fine art form each night – an art form that no other team in the league has been able to stop.

As for the Knicks, they have been playing much better lately & have been scoring threats, especially Kristaps Porzingis, who has moved his game up this year to be one of the top power forwards in the league – possibly among the top 3 in the game. KP can shoot the three, rebound, pass & give some blocks. In the small forward area, Carmelo Anthony has had two games consecutively where he has failed to reach 15 points, but has given quite a bit in terms of rebounds & assists to keep daily fantasy players somewhat satisfied. Don’t expect Melo to be held down much longer in the points department. He will get his shots & he will start hitting soon, especially having the chance to be in the national spotlight against an elite team like Golden State.

Here are the players that we like for picks in this game.

Golden State Warriors –

Stephen Curry – PG (Tournaments & Cash Games)

Draymond Green – PF/C (Tournaments & Cash Games)

Carmelo Anthony – SF (Tournaments only, still needs to show more consistency)

Kevin Durant – SF/PF (Tournaments & Cash Games)

Kristaps Porzingis – F (Tournaments & Cash Games)

Klay Thompson – SG  (Tournaments)


Damian (Dame) Lillard, C.J. McCollum Should Be Good Guard Picks Against Bad Denver Nuggets

Portland, playing their third game in four nights, will be going into Denver & the altitude to take on the woeful Nuggets team at 9:00 ET. Normally, we would say stay away from the Blazers because of their grueling schedule lately, however, the Nuggets are third from last in terms of points given up to shooting guards – which will favor C.J. McCollum – and in the lower half of the league (18th) in terms of fantasy points given up to point guards, which will help both Damian Lillard & McCollum since C.J. can play both positions, particularly when Dame is resting up.

Lillard & McCollum are a good combination to go with, especially if you are trying to save some money in terms of not spending a ton on Curry & Klay, and still want to build a good team that can be competitive in tournaments on Thursday night. Want another good reason to look at Lillard & McCollum – For Lillard, his DK floor has been 34 & ceiling is 58 over the last 10 games, and McCollum’s numbers have continued to be solid as well – his floor has been 29 & ceiling is 53, so again, look for strong, productive nights – at low prices.

Kyle O’Quinn, Jabari Parker Are Great Options To Save Money With

This is a night where the forward & center positions are absolutely loaded with players who should have big nights in terms of getting points, but two guys who may not get the attention & could have low usages rates that are good values are Jabari Parker from the Milwaukee Bucks & Kyle O’Quinn from the New York Knicks.

For O’Quinn, he has really shown up to become a great frontcourt mate for Porzingis & Carmelo, doing most of the dirty work lately. In the last 5 games, O’Quinn has a ceiling of 45 & a floor of 22, along with constantly increasing points in those last 5 games. O’Quinn is showing & proving that he can be a strong starter for the Knicks and can handle a lot of the dirty work while opening up the paint & lane for Anthony & KP to be dominant. At $5,100, O’Quinn is a great pick here for a tournament play.

As for Parker, he has been a strong #2 scorer to Giannis all season long, even though the Bucks record doesn’t fully reflect that. Parker has had over 20 regular points in 4 of his last 5 games & over 29 DK points in 6 of his last 10. While Parker is prone to have some down games from time-to-time, he is still learning the NBA game & at $6,300 – he is a great value on Thursday against the Bulls, who give up the 5th most points to power forwards in all of DraftKings NBA.


And yes, even though we didn’t mention him on here – it is absolutely obvious that if you have the cash & the confidence in your lineup – always figure out a way to get Anthony Davis into the lineup.



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