DraftKings NBA DFS Picks – October 17, 2017 – Classic

Happy NBA Tip-Off everyone! Tonight, we embark on a new season of DraftKings NBA DFS. The two games that will get everyone going is hte Cleveland Cavs vs Boston Celtics & the Houston Rockets going to Oakland to take on the Warriors. In the latter game, the Warriors will get their championship rings & banner raised.

For Tuesday night, the selection process will be a bit different due to only two games going. That said, there are plenty of big plays going on & big money on the line all over DraftKings.

Cleveland Cavs vs Boston Celtics

Kyrie Looking For Big Night

The big storyline going in is Kyrie Irving facing the Cavs for the first time since his trade. There have been many comments going back & forth from LeBron & Irving talking about the times there. However, in the first few exhibition games in Boston, Uncle Drew looks to be getting more & more comfortable.

Look for Irving to try to put on a big performance against the Cavs. The Cavs, at least for the early part of the season, won’t have a strong defensive presence at the point guard position.

At least, a point guard who could guard Kyrie on isolation. Look for D-Wade & Derrick Rose to take turns trying to stay with Kyrie, but he is coming back to town to prove a point. That being that he was ready for primetime when he thought LeBron was trying to hold him down.

Expect a great fantasy night.

Iman Shumpert – Good DraftKings NBA Play

Expect Shumpert to get plenty of minutes through the early part of the season. Shumpert is a great energy guy and at $3,000, will be a guy who we expect about 15-17 DK points regularly. Which could be just enough to play in a utility position. Of all players playing tonight that would be in that position, Shumpert is in the best position to truly affect the game because of his style & importance on the defensive end.

He will get offensive opportunities, but rebounds, steals & occassional blocks will be his major contributions.

Kyrie Irving DraftKings
Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward will be key factors in the Celtics getting back to the playoffs & possibly the Finals.

LeBron James Will Be Looking To Make a DraftKings Statement

Forget about the mess that the media is saying. I can’t imagine LeBron James missing this game. Especially against the Celtics. Against Kyrie. On opening night. Because of the ankle injury, James might be a bit less owned because more people will go with Kevin Durant.

This could be a year where James’ usage rate is as high as ever. If he starts (which we expect he will) he is going to have the ball in his hands more than ever before. He will truly play the point forward position much more, especially without a strong piece at the point guard position.

While James is definitely not a value pick, he could be a swing guy because of a bit lower ownership in DraftKings. Plus, if nothing else, he will want to show the Cavs are still the kings of the East.

Jayson Tatum Starts In Place of Marcus Morris

It was announced a few days ago that young small forward Jayson Tatum will start at the SF position in place of Marcus Morris. He averaged nine points, five rebounds & five assists during the 16-17 minutes during inconsistent minutes. While Morris is out,

Tatum looks to be the top guy in the forward positions. He may also move to the power forward area to make room for Gordon Hayward.


Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors

James Harden Is James Harden.

New point guard in Chris Paul who can play defense. Still the same run & gun offense of Mike D’Antoni. This means that even though Harden had historic numbers last year, he will be even more dominant on offense now.

It goes without saying that every night could be a Harden start, but on opening night, against the champs, Harden will be worth the $10,000. If there is a player in this slate to spend the $10K on, much rather Harden over LeBron. His shooting, rebounding & assists totals shouldn’t go down much, especially with Chris Paul as a true facilitator & an upgrade over Patrick Beverley on the offensive end.


Target Rockets/Warriors Game Overall For Cash Games

This game has a total of 232 in Vegas right now. The offensive firepower on both teams is outstanding. Basically, no players are bad picks in this one. If you don’t mind waiting and sweating out a victory a bit, it might be worth it to focus your lineup on this game & try to go with possibly 1-2 players in the Cavs game.

There will be offense there, but both of those teams are going to be a bit more defensive oriented. The Warriors & Rockets do not care about defense as much so the opportunities will be endless.

If you are a newbie in DraftKings NBA, feel comfortable going with the Rockets & Warriors players as your main roster.





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