DraftKings NBA Picks – October 19, 2017

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Welcome everyone to night 3 of the 2017-18 NBA season. So far, we have had most of the superstars do exactly what we thought they would do. Dominate. In a big way. The players who have been priced high delivered for the most part.

And we learned that the Suns are pretty much terrible right now. With that said, here are the picks for Thursday night. Instead of going position by position, we are going to pick based on the game itself given such a short slate.

DraftKings NBA Picks – Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors – October 19, 2017

This is a game that should be a rout for the Toronto Raptors. The Bulls are already imploding, especially considering the fight between Nikola Mirotic & Bobby Portis. The team is fighting BEFORE the season has started! This is going to be a long year in the Windy City.

That said, there are some solid fantasy plays on both teams in this one. Keep in mind, however, that a bench player might be someone you look at in case the game ends up being a blow out – particularly for the Raptors.

Kyle Lowry & DeMar Derozan

These two are one of the best scoring duos in the NBA that no one talks about. Both are incredibly solid, consistent & you know what you are getting each night. Neither guy has an incredibly high ceiling, but the floors are never very low. With the low amount of stars playing in the three-game slate on Thursday, playing these two in all formats is something to really look at.


Jonas Valinculinas

This guy is simply always trending around a double-double. Last year, he was very much like Marcin Gortat – the type of guy that you don’t think about being a big DraftKings points guy, but ends up having a double-double before you realize it. He has been helped by having Serge Ibaka there in order to get more offensive opportunities. He doesn’t have to worry about being a rim protector all the time, just scoring & rebounds.

Which is more than enough for the Raptors.

Justin Holiday

With the turnover & injuries with the Bulls to start the season, look for Justin Holiday to get some serious playing time. In his last preseason game, Holiday had 17 points, four assists, three rebounds, a steal & block over 28 minutes. He will be the starter in Zach LaVine’s spot until healthy again.


New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder

This is another game that could get out of hand very quickly. The Thunder & Knicks now have a built-in rivalry because of Carmelo Anthony joining the Thunder. Melo will be facing off against his former team which tried many times to trade him last year under Phil Jackson. Anthony looks rejuvenated & is meshing well with Westbrook & Paul George.


Any combination of Russell Westbrook, Paul George, & Carmelo Anthony

This trio will look to make a big statement on national TV Thursday night. Oklahoma City is the latest team to have a “super team” and the team is instantly a contender to the NBA Finals.

Anthony made comments yesterday about how the Knicks disrespected him & they tried to kick him out for a while. While true, look for all of these guys to have extra fuel to truly take out the Knicks & send a message to Knicks owner James Dolan.

These three, so far, have been able to complement each other’s game. Westbrook will pass a bit more & be much more efficient. Paul George & Carmelo can both shoot well, gain rebounds & get a solid amount of assists. If there is a way to get these three in a pick ’em game, go for it by all means.


Steven Adams

Adams has been a solid center for the Thunder over the last few years. He should get much more time & usage now that Enes Kanter is now starting for the Knicks. Adams complements the Big 3 well with his ability to rebound & score regularly. He is a great stats stuffer & a guy who should get several rebounds (many on the offensive side) on Thursday night.

Porzingis is not coming into the game fully healthy, and he has a favorable matchup against his teammate in Kanter.


Ramon Sessions

Sessions is either going to be a starter with the Knicks or get serious playing time while Ntilikina, their first-round draft pick, gets used to the NBA schedule & life. Sessions is a value play just to be a contrarian, but keep in mind that it could be a rough night & if its a blowout, Sessions will most likely not be in the game.


Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Lakers & Clippers renew their rivalry as the late game on Thursday night. This game is the highly-anticipated debut of Lonzo Ball as the starting point guard of the Lakers. While Ball will get most of the attention, the Lakers have a young, dynamic group that will be learning how to play & mesh with one another as time goes on through the season.

The Clippers have a new look, as well. The team traded all-star point guard Chris Paul this offseason, making Blake Griffin the true star for the squad. The Clippers have a new point guard in Milos Teletovic, one of the greatest passers in the world. Along wtih Milos, the team acquired Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams & basically half of the Houston Rockets B squad.

Both teams will play a high tempo game, and for DraftKings users, this game has the highest point total going into Thursday night. That said, here are just a few players to look at.

  • Lonzo Ball (high usage rate, under $7,000)
  • Blake Griffin (high usage rate, going to be the #1 option for the Clippers)
  • DeAndre Jordan (awesome stats stuffer, always gets strong rebounds & blocks, good for 17-18 points per game)
  • Kyle Kuzma (potential sleeper, and could be an outside candidate for Rookie of the Year)
  • Patrick Beverley (strong defense, can score a bit, will fill up the stat sheets very nicely.


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