DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018

The NBA playoff season is heating up & we have a good idea of the top players across the board right now. Teams are starting to gameplan much better against guys on a day in, day out basis. With many close out games happening tonight, the DraftKings NBA DFS picks April 25, 2018 edition should be a fun one. With all of that said, let’s break down our top plays for tonight.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018 Edition at DraftKingsMaster

This is one of the rare nights in the NBA playoffs when the league has four games on during the week. With so many games, there are many different plays to go with overall who can bring in points. Our first part of this post will take a look at the point guard positions for the evening.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018 Guards

Donovan Mitchell – $8,400

It is clear to us that OKC does not have an answer for this guy. Since game 1 he has torched right through the weak Thunder defense, having a floor of 38 DraftKings points and ceiling of 52.  With Russell Westbrook focusing all of his energy on Ricky Rubio and their odd feud, Mitchell gets guarded by the likes of Corey Brewer, which is not a matchup that works to Brewer’s advantage. Mitchell’s athletic ability also allows him to earn some great extra DFS points. His price is excellent at under $9,000 & the matchups right now truly favor him having a big night & allowing DFS players to set a solid enough roster around him.

Eric Gordon – $4,800

Gordon has been up & down in the first round against Minnesota. However, Gordon is still averaging 30 minutes per game & getting shots up regularly. Nothing leads us to believe that Gordon won’t find his stroke again. Even though he has been average from downtown, Gordon is always a guy that will get open shots due to the wealth of weapons in Houston with the Rockets. Harden & Paul will take most of the attention, leaving Gordon open for shots. He will start to knock them down & in a potential closeout game against a young team, we are looking for a good night from him.

James Harden – $10,900

As it does most nights, the top point guards come down to James Harden & Russell Westbrook. However, this selection is much easier in our opinion. Harden is playing stellar basketball against weak Minnesota guard defense in Jeff Teague & Derrick Rose. Nothing to say that Harden shouldn’t go off again in a potential closeout game. Keep in mind – this playoff run is personal to the Beard after the poor showing last year in the second round. If there are reasons to pay up big money for a point guard or shooting guard, take the extra $300 and get Harden.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018 Forwards

LeBron James – $12,000

LeBron James is clearly the best forward available on the market tonight. Even though his price is steep at $12K, he is putting up the numbers of two players at least. With Kevin Love being up & down right now, especially after his latest hand injury, James is going to be asked to do even more than he already does. He is continuing his torrid pace from the regular season & has been woke up by the antics of Lance Stevenson. Look for James to send a big message tonight by having another monster night. Motivated LeBron always means big points in DraftKings.

DeMar Derozan – $8,300

We are taking Derozan over Paul George in this matchup simply due to overall consistency. George has not been bad, however, the issues with Joe Ingles may continue in this matchup as OKC is on the ropes tonight. Derozan has been cool & steady over the last three games. In the last three games, his ceiling is 52 DraftKings points & floor is 35. This Raptors team looks as motivated as ever to not be a team considered a fraudulent squad. Go with the consistency here and go Derozan.

Bojan Bogdanovic – $5,200

Bogdanovic has become a key scoring threat for the Pacers during this series with the Cavs. He takes much of the pressure away from Victor Oladipo & Myles Turner to have to be the main scoring threats all the time. He is getting over 30 minutes per game & getting solid shot opportunities with at least 13 in three of the four playoff games. At $5,200 Bogdanovic is a great value not only for his shooting, but also his gritty rebounding & gaining hustle DFS points.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018 Centers

Clint Capela – $7,300

Capela has actually been more consistent than Karl-Anthony Towns in this series. Most people would tend to go with KAT at the price under $9K, but in Houston, Capela completely outplayed KAT in the first two games of the series. Of the centers available on the slate tonight, Capela is the our best pick for the evening. He has double-digit rebounds in every game of the series so far, and has double-doubles in two of the four games. Capela has become a true force around the basket, especially getting putbacks after rebounds.

With the amount of shots the Rockets put up along with their overall pace of play, Capela gets many second-chance opportunities to truly be a monster down low.

Rudy Gobert – $7,000

Gobert has a good matchup in this series against Steven Adams. He has double-doubles in his last three games & is establishing himself as a consistent, go-to guy in DraftKings. In a closeout situation, look for Gobert to work on putting out a max effort to end the series in OKC tonight.


Russell Westbrook – Wildcard Pick

We are hesitant to put Russ in a position that you must take him. However, with the Thunder down 3-1, we expect Russ to possibly try to own the entire game himself. The shooting might be a bit off overall, but he just may go above & beyond to just keep the Thunder involved. Everyone knows that Russ is going to be the main offensive option. However, with Paul George & Carmelo Anthony struggling, it may be too much for Russ to take on to get a victory.

Wildcard aspect comes with the idea that the Jazz have clearly gotten in his head in this series. He doesn’t have a single 60 point DraftKings game yet in this playoffs. While that wouldn’t be a big deal against most standards, we are used to Russ having 70 & 80 point efforts. Harden is still the most consistent pick, but to go contrarian, look at Russ in a tournament situation.

We hope you have enjoy our DraftKings NBA DFS Picks April 25 2018 edition. Good luck to all DraftKings DFS players tonight.

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