WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

On Friday April 27, WWE presents the show Greatest Royal Rumble on the WWE Network. The event is being held in Saudi Arabia at the major stadium there. This is the first time an event of this magnitude is being shown on the company’s network service. This is a show that looks to be a loaded card, however, comes with a bit of controversy. We present our WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview.

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview – Not Having Women On Card Due To Saudi Arabia Laws & Customs

WWE is approaching touchy grounds in many respects here. A few months ago, the company runs a show in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) promoting diversity & having Sasha Banks & Alexa Bliss wrestling in a match. It is the first time women are in a match in the history of the company running shows there. Chants break out such as “this is hope.” The ladies make special gear to commemorate the special occasion & respect the country’s customs.

Fast forward to April 27. WWE will run a show in a nation where women are basically second class citizens. No women will even travel to the show due to the laws of the nation. We all know the WWE will get massive money for this event, however, it will be interesting to see if the stockholders or fans around the world will have a strong issue regarding this event. The company has been doing a strong job over the last few years being a forward thinking company, particularly when it comes to women. The ladies have been main eventing major cards over the last year, including having their own Royal Rumble match to close the show.

This will be a great card, but it is truly a shame that the company bends over & not allow a strong part of their show to be featured. Maybe it won’t be a big deal going forward, but it is annoying due to Monday night the company will go back to showing off their power & acceptance towards women. Consistency should be key across the board & wrestling fans are truly accepting no matter what the situation.

With all of that said – let’s get to the actual show.

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview – WWE Cruiserweight Championship – Cedric Alexander vs Kalisto

205 Live is going through an overhaul right now. With Triple H running the show through creative, the matches are back to the old style of the Cruiserweight Classic. Much more focus on the athletic side of the action & less on the bad storylines. That said, two of the top cruiserweights – Cedric Alexander & Kalisto – will face off for the championship.

This could be a match that could end up on the 1-hour preshow or open the card up. Cedric won the championship at Wrestlemania 34 with a win over Mustafa Ali. The match brought much hype & anticipation, but in many ways, it didn’t fully click for whatever reason. In terms of styles, this should be a better match for Cedric going against Kalisto. Both of these guys can go in the ring & Kalisto seems to truly found a home in the cruiserweight division.

That said, we see WWE going with Cedric Alexander for a long run with the championship. Ever since Enzo Amore got his release during the Raw 25 event, the championship needed stability on the show. Cedric can go in the ring, is dependable & is a guy the company can build the brand around.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

US Championship Match – Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy – WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

Jinder Mahal has recently been moved to Monday Night Raw in the WWE shakeup. This is a needed change for Mahal, who has gone through a bit of a slump after losing the WWE Championship towards the end of last year to A.J. Styles after a lengthy run in 2017 after beating Randy Orton in Chicago.

While he is incredibly entertaining in his matchups, Jinder was not always putting on the 30 minute classics needed to be the strong WWE champion. However, the key to Jinder is that he is incredibly entertaining & the heel heat he brings doing the whole “America doesn’t accept me” thing is outstanding. His character work is among the strongest in the company.

When he gets put over on Raw, the first night he loses the US title to Jeff Hardy. Hardy, who is recently back from a variety of injuries that have held him out for a few months, gets the big push over Jinder. With Jeff Hardy going over to Smackdown, it only makes sense for Jinder to go over due to needing the mid-tier belt on Raw.

Jinder should get a favorable pop in Saudi Arabia & have a nice run with the US belt on Raw, being able to truly get back on track with his ring style & a strong character.

Winner – Jinder Mahal

Casket Match – The Undertaker vs Rusev – WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

Basically, there is no way the Undertaker loses this match to Rusev. It may be Rusev Day, but not when the deadman is around. Taker will get a great pop in front of the massive audience in Saudi Arabia, and will go over in a quick match. The buildup has been a bit odd for this. Rusev was initially announced for the event, then replaced with Chris Jericho & now back in again.

Undertaker has been involved in a roundabout way in many different odd builds to his matches. No weird build needed here.

Winner: Undertaker

WWE Smackdown Tag Titles Match – Usos vs Bludgeon Brothers

WWE has put tons of money into the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick & we can’t see it ending right now. The Usos will get their chance to get the championship back, but it doesn’t happen here.

Winners: Bludgeon Brothers

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match – Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Miz & Seth Rollins

This is an inter brand match with Miz & Samoa Joe recently going over to Smackdown. With the US championship already on Raw, Smackdown needs the mid-tier championship. Our best bet here should be Finn Balor. Balor has not had many chances with championships since he won the first Universal Championship but had to give it up the next night because of injury.

While the best bet would be Finn Balor, somehow Seth Rollins will be back in the match simply due to the Miz already invoking his rematch clause from Wrestlemania. Look for the Rollins vs Miz match at Backlash become a triple-threat yet again.

Winner – Finn Balor


WWE Championship – AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

We feel as though these two are going to give the match we wanted to see at Wrestlemania 34. Styles & Nakamura have the ability to have 5-star classics, as they did in New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, these two are telling an interesting story, especially with Shinsuke going heel recently. This should be a match that will get the time to tell the story, but working a bit differently.

Nakamura has been nailing AJ in the balls a ton lately, going back to Wrestlemania 34. Heel Nakamura should be incredibly entertaining all the way around, and this should be the match that is the show stealer. Maybe a few weeks late, but the wait might just be worth it. In terms of who wins the match, we actually believe Nakamura gets the championship. Looking at what WWE was looking to do with Shinsuke, it makes sense that he didn’t win at Mania.

Now, Shinsuke is in nice position to get a big win here & he needs one. AJ needs someone to chase going into the Backlash championship match no matter the combination that will be involved.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


John Cena vs Triple H

This is a match that is literally to just show off top guys in the history of the WWE. This should be a match that is well worked with good action, but overall, John Cena should go over pretty easily. Neither guy is affected by a win or loss, and both will be off TV most likely for a bit.

Winner: John Cena

WWE Universal Championship Match – Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

Many people thought at Wrestlemania that if people would boo Roman out of the building had he won the championship over Lesnar at Mania. Now that Lesnar is signed with WWE for the foreseeable future, it would make sense to have Lesnar possibly go over again here. Samoa Joe cut a promo on Raw right after the draft saying he wants Roman at Backlash. With Roman & Joe on seperate shows, it would not make sense to make that match for the championship.

Look for Lesnar to go over here & possibly have another long reign with the championship. Lesnar is always great money & there is a big rumor that Bobby Lashley is prime for a championship match vs Lesnar at Summerslam this year.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

50-Man Royal Rumble Match

This is being treated as an event as big as the regular Royal Rumble style. It will match the version that was around in 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won the match. As for this match, there is most likely a push coming for the winner. It is on a big stage & the chance to push someone we will check out for the entire summer going into Summerslam.

As for the win, we really like Braun Strowman. He needs a new program to get into since the tag team championship match is completed & is prime to be a top babyface. It can be something that the company can hype up all year long & somehow turn this into a possible championship opportunity coming up soon.

Winner: Braun Strowman


As for the tag team championship – Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt over Sheamus & Cesaro. Hardy & Bray as champs going against Dolph & Drew McIntyre soon. Done.


Thank you for reading our WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Preview. Enjoy the show & we will be back with the rundown of the show on Friday night/Saturday morning.


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