DraftKings NFL DFS Picks 2018 Aaron Rodgers

DraftKings NFL DFS Picks 2018 Aaron Rodgers

The leader of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, is back for 2018. 2017 is seen as an off-year & forgotten year for the former MVP. Without Rodgers, the Packers offense took a turn for the worst. The team finished 26th in total offense, and 29th in scoring offense. Not having that leadership of Rodgers affected the entire squad across the board. The defense finished 22nd in the NFL, mostly having to compensate for the Packers offense not being as potent as usual. However, Rodgers looks healthy & ready to get back to his elite-level self. See why we love Rodgers so much in this piece. See our reasons in the article DraftKings NFL DFS Picks 2018 Aaron Rodgers here at DraftKingsMaster.

Aaron Rodgers Has Much To Prove – DraftKings NFL DFS Picks 2018 Aaron Rodgers

Even with the injuries last season, Rodgers posts the best DFS DraftKings numbers out of all quarterbacks in his seven games. With the exception of the bad Minnesota Vikings game where Anthony Barr injures Rodgers for a good part of the season, Rodgers put up over 20 DraftKings points in each of his games. However, this is going to be a different setup for the Packers offense with the loss of Jordy Nelson, who signed with the Oakland Raiders this offseason.

The Packers are helping out Rodgers a bit by signing TE Jimmy Graham this offseason. Graham is not the type to fit into an offense like the one in Seattle. The Seahawks focus more on running the ball & playing ball control offense. The best of Jimmy Graham happens in a fluid, more vertical offensive package. Packers football & Rodgers’ QB play should be the best setup for that.

For the wide receivers, the top targets will be Randall Cobb & Davante Adams. Both are solid receivers, but the team definitely needs a big time deep play threat. Not having Jordy Nelson is going to open up a spot for someone. We are a bit surprised that the Packers don’t take a look at Dez Bryant, who can be a true game breaker. However, Packers culture might not want a guy like Bryant in the lockerroom. Neither Cobb or Adams had over 1,000 yards in receiving, but that was also with Brett Hundley at quarterback. These two should get a lot of targets this year & would be good fantasy plays by themselves.

Aaron Rodgers DraftKings DFS Perspective

The first four weeks of the season should be a good chance for Rodgers to come out strong. With the exception of Minnesota, Rodgers will be going against three teams (Bears, Redskins, Bills) that should lead to big fantasy numbers. The interesting part will be how Ty Montgomery factors into the offense. With the Packers needing help at WR right now, look for Montgomery to have many snaps at his natural position. Montgomery will most likely split time with a myriad of receivers, which is better for the long-term.

If any of the backs show promise, Rodgers’ play-action game will be strong. He is very similar to Tom Brady with his effectiveness in play-action, but Rodgers is more dangerous because he can run outside the tackles for a few yards, something teams have to gameplan for much more. The Packers go as Rodgers go, and look for him to still put the ball up a ton each week, and while Brady is our #1 pick at QB, look for Rodgers to put up 20-25 DraftKings NFL DFS points most weeks.

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