DraftKings NFL DFS QB Picks For 2018 Tom Brady

DraftKings NFL DFS QB Picks For 2018 Tom Brady
Tom Brady will be looking for another SuperBowl ring with the Patriots. For fantasy owners, Tom needs to go back to being 2007 Brady for many fantasy owners.

After a bit of a hiatus, the team here at DraftKingsMaster is back & ready for the 2018 NFL Season. During this offseason, much change as taken place in Roger Goddell land. However, there is still fantasy, particularly daily fantasy (DFS) over at DraftKings. Our team will be breaking down each week of games for our picks during the entire season. But right now, a big question for many fantasy leagues is the quarterback position. Today, we give our DraftKings NFL DFS QB Picks For 2018. We breakdown our top quarterbacks going into the season & who we believe will have some solid weeks going into the upcoming year.

How We Make Our DraftKings NFL DFS QB Picks For 2018

We take a look at several factors when looking at the potential effectiveness of QBs going into 2018 for DraftKings NFL DFS games.

  • How good is the team around him
  • Strong body of work (pro or college)
  • How much teams will want to blitz that quarterback

With all of that said, let’s get into the actual quarterbacks we love for 2018.


Check out DraftKings NFL DFS QB Picks For 2018 Tom Brady to get ready for the new season.

Of course. Brady has no reason to not have another big season, other than just age. While his DraftKings NFL DFS numbers weren’t always impressive, the potent offense in New England other Josh McDaniels makes Brady incredibly effective. Without having a strong running game going into the season, Brady will be looking to get his receivers Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson & Philip Dorsett integrated into the offense. However, the team will look different without Brandin Cooks, who spends one season in New England after productive years with the New Orleans Saints.

Of course, Brady has two of the best offensive weapons in the league in Rob Gronkowski & Julian Edelman. Look for Brady to feed them the ball as much as possible until a trust is built with the other receivers. If rookie Sony Michel can get some carries & run the ball well, it will make Brady’s play action much more effective. During the Super Bowl, Brady became very predictable with his passing, which the Philadelphia Eagles began to pounce on, leading to a Super¬† Bowl victory.

The key for Brady this year will be consistent running. Seeing Sony Michel run well at Georgia should give fantasy owners some good feelings that Brady’s numbers should be back at MVP level. He is skipping offseason work right now, which makes all the sense in the world. We don’t need to see what Brady is during games that don’t matter. The key is obviously September.

Tom Brady DraftKings NFL DFS Fantasy Football Impact

The Patriots have beefed up Brady’s offensive line for 2018, gaining Shaq Mason & drafting Isaiah Wynn. This alone should help Tom get back on track for DFS. Last season, Brady failed to score over 20 DFS points in 9 games. Brady had 32 touchdowns & 8 interceptions, but the numbers only came in spurts. At 41, we still love Brady more than just about every quarterback in the league going into the new season. In that first DraftKings weekend, definitely look at Brady going in, even against the Houston Texans. While the Texans have a strong defense when J.J. Watt is healthy, Brady & Bellichick have an entire offseason & preseason to prepare for this matchup.

This should be a year when Brady should not have to deal with 8 guys in the box all the time. If the running game with Michel can be an elite weapon, Brady will be able to play action more, thus stretching out the defense much more.

Even with the losses of Amendola & others to free agency, Brady & the Patriots have weapsons to put on points. Don’t be afraid to go for Brady in week 1 against the Texans. He may have lower ownership because of last season’s numbers.


Thank you for checking out our DraftKings NFS DFS Picks For 2018 Tom Brady article. For more, keep watching at DraftKingsMaster.com.

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