DraftKings NFL Running Back Picks Week 2

As per usual,  plenty of great running backs all over the NFL that are good for some big points. DraftKingsMaster will look at the top DraftKings NFL Running Back Picks Week 2. Of course, a great running back can be the difference between getting in the money or finishing out of the money.

Alvin Kamara – $9,500 – DraftKings NFL Running Back Picks Week 2

This is a true toss-up between Todd Gurley & Alvin Kamara, but we will go with Kamara being slightly ahead. Kamara is one of the fastest runners in the entire NFL & is just as dangerous lining up as a wide receiver. Drew Brees loves to push the ball down the field through the air, making Kamara a match-up nightmore for the Browns. The Browns gave up almost 110 yards to James Conner in his first start of the season. With the total being high on this game & both defenses not being great, look for AK to get up & down the field with ease & lead your team to another 40+ DraftKings DFS game on Sunday.

Melvin Gordon III – $7,400

Even though Gordon is priced a bit high at $7k, the ownership on him could be low, which works to your advantage. He didn’t do much on the ground against the Chiefs in week 1, gaining only 64 yards on 15 carries. However, he made up for it by being one of the favorite targets of Philip Rivers, catching five passes. All in all, he had 30 DraftKings DFS points. Look for Gordon to be more dominant as a pass catcher more than a running back in the Chargers offense, particularly if the team gets behind early.

Chris Thompson ($5,900) & Adrian Peterson ($5,500)

These two running back for the Washington Redskins combined for 45 DraftKings DFS points last week against the Cardinals. If you are looking for good value at the position & don’t want to go high for other top players, Thompson & Peterson are great options. Thompson adds just a bit more value because of his pass catching ability (6 catches, 63 yards), but Peterson is the grinder as he had 26 rushes for 96 yards. Having this type of running attack is going to allow new quarterback Alex Smith to push the ball downfield much more. Both guys should be heavy forces in the rushing attack vs the Colts, who just gave up 5.5 yards per carry over 17 carries to Joe Mixon last week in the Bengals victory.

James Conner ($6,700)

Conner is the official¬† guy now in Pittsburgh with Le’Veon Bell in a contract dispute. The more Conner plays well, the worse leverage Bell has in this situation. Conner ran for 135 yards last week in the tie with the Browns. He carried the ball 31 times, meaning that he will be a guy used on all three downs. On top of that, the former Pittsburgh college player had six receptions for 53 yards. Big Ben loves to put the ball in the air, so look for Conner to have some good rushing lanes with honest defense against the Chiefs, who just allowed 123 yards last week to the Chargers.

These are our DraftKings NFL Running Back Picks Week 2 selections. See more here at DraftKingsMaster.com.

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