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LeBron James – The Decision (Remix)

Oh yeah everyone, its 2010 all over again. Twitter wasn’t as big. Everyone was working hard on getting ready for the TV special that would forever change sports – The Decision. ESPN ran this special for the decision of where then Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was going to go for the 2010-11 NBA season […]

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NBA – Mike D’Antoni Resigns as Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers

Late Wednesday Night, during the NBA playoff games, it was announced that Mike D’Antoni stepped down as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, which really tells me that the team was not going to give him the year extension that he requested from the organization. Why he thought he was worth that extra extension […]

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Complete History of Nike Air Jordans Part 2

After strong response to our first post regarding the history of the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe, the DraftKingsMaster continues its series on the breakdown of the most legendary shoe in history. Also, you can find the Nike Air Jordan shoes at the DraftKingsMaster store.  Air Jordan XVI – 2001  Nike Air Jordan XVI – 2001. As […]

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John Calipari To The Los Angeles Lakers?

Before last night NCAA Basketball Championship game against eventual National Champion UConn, Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari had his name linked to the probable Los Angeles Lakers coaching job opening up later this spring after the end of the NBA season, one of the worst in the history of the Lakers’ franchise.  Calipari denied the […]

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